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Caring Workers’ Compensation Attorneys in Glendale and the Greater Los Angeles Area

At Meliora Law Firm, we are known for compassionately advocating for our clients with a results-driven approach. Regardless of the exact issue that has brought you into our office, we take the time to get to know you and your concerns so that we can effectively protect your rights and interests. We know that taking legal action against a corporation or organization can be daunting, especially if you are afraid of retaliation. With a focus on workers’ compensation and employment law, we are dedicated to fighting for you in your times of great need.

Please reach out to us at (877) 724-0515 to learn more about our firm.

Finding the Solution for Your Situation

We know that every case is different, which is why we approach every case we take on with a unique standpoint. Since we are familiar with all aspects of workers’ compensation and employment laws, we have the ability to anticipate the legal strategies of the other side. Our unparalleled knowledge and experience help us facilitate the claims process, ensuring your case goes smoothly.

When you retain Meliora Law Firm, you receive:

  • Commitment to treating our clients as individuals with dignity, honesty, and respect
  • Dedication to fighting for and securing the compensation you deserve
  • Experience on the other side of the legal battle, giving us valuable insight
  • Experience in civil and federal cases as well as public issues

Choose a Determined & Compassionate Firm

At Meliora Law Firm, we know that selecting a firm can be difficult when you are dealing with employment issues or a workplace injury. Our firm is known for litigating aggressively, negotiating effectively, and sincerely caring for our clients.

We genuinely understand what you are dealing with, especially if you have been injured and are unable to return to work or are dealing with stressful problems in the workplace. Our workers’ compensation attorneys use their extensive experience and knowledge of the law to craft creative solutions and work toward a favorable outcome.

Meliora Law Firm is a boutique firm committed to providing effective and compassionate advocacy on behalf of the people we serve. At Meliora Law Firm, we will get to know, will listen to your concerns, and will work hard to help protect your legal rights and receive the compensation you and your family truly deserve. We prefer to know our clients as individuals and as human beings, and are deeply committed to treating each client with the utmost respect, honesty and dignity.


In addition to these reasons, our clients prefer us because of our insight into the other side of workers’ compensation law. The industrial injury claims, whether workers’ compensation, negligence, or tort claims, are often long, stressful and emotionally draining for the injured workers and their families. Attorney Artashes Oganesian has extensive experience as a workers’ compensation insurer’s defense attorney. This means he is familiar with how the other side proceeds when it comes to workers’ compensation claims, and has the ability to anticipate the other side’s legal strategies. As a result, our cases are handled efficiently and aggressively, speeding up the claims process and facilitating the recovery of the compensation.

As workers compensation attorneys in the Los Angeles area, we see it as our duty to help wronged workers. All too often, workers don’t realize all of the rights they have on the job. Did you know that if you’re hurt doing your job, you can be eligible for workers compensation? That’s true even if you caused your own injury. We see education as an important part of what we do. By helping our clients to understand their rights, they can make better, more informed decisions for their own future.

Once you’ve been injured by the actions of someone else, whether on the job or elsewhere, the bills can add up. Medical bills for treatment, doctor’s visits, rehab and more can all jump up out of nowhere. If you’re unable to return to your job, that can make paying the bills even more difficult. At the Meliora Law Firm, we have years of experience with these kinds of injury cases. Through forceful, efficient advocacy, we can work to get you the compensation to pay for all of these and so much more.

We know that when it comes to workplace injury attorneys in Southern California, you have many options to choose from. What makes our firm unique is that we know what the insurance companies are thinking. We’ve been on the other side of the aisle, and we know what they can do. Now, instead of using that information for the insurance companies, we can use it on your behalf. Instead of always reacting to what the other side does, or trying to catch up, we take great pride in staying one step ahead.

In all of our cases, we only receive attorney fees if we collect for our clients.