Wrongful Death

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Whether a person dies by the hand of another or in a work environment, the victim’s family has a right to sue for wrongful death. Most lawsuits follow after criminal trials, provided there is enough reason to believe the death was due to negligence or misconduct. Hiring wrongful death lawyer from Meliora Law Firm will ensure that your case rests in reliable and professional hands.

The Ins & Outs of Wrongful Death Cases

wrongful death

If the victim’s family brings enough evidence of misconduct, they may have a strong case to be compensated for damages and loss. In California, civil claims only require enough proof that there was malice or negligence that resulted in the victim’s death. For example, if a person being tried for criminal activity is found not guilty because the prosecution could not establish his guilt, he can still be found liable for the wrongful death of his victim after enough evidence is gathered.

Some of the circumstances that could lead to a wrongful death include:

  • Medical malpractice
  • A transportation accident
  • Exposure to hazardous conditions in the workplace
  • Criminal behavior

California’s statute of limitations is 2 years, which leaves enough time for the decedent’s survivors to file for wrongful death. Be sure to keep good records of any details that may be pertinent to your loved one’s situation. A successful case will leave you with financial awards that can help you cover the many expenses you may incur after your loved one’s death.

The damages available for those who take legal action include compensation for expenses related to:

  • Medical bills
  • Medical care before death
  • Expenses related to funeral and burial after death

Additionally, the family can be compensated for the wages the descendant would have earned had they still been alive. Included with his or her wages would be financial support for the surviving family members. Since death can cause lasting grief for all who are left behind after such a traumatic experience, the family may also be compensated for loss of companionship.

Legal Assistance When You Need It Most

Families are heavily impacted financially and emotionally after a wrongful death and they deserve to be provided with as much support as possible. If you believe you have a case to claim, trust the Studio City wrongful death attorneys to handle your situation with care. Our thorough and experienced legal team will leave no stone unturned, finding every bit of evidence to use in your favor.

We firmly believe that no family deserves to be left behind and uncompensated for their grief. Meliora Law Firm is here to help.

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