Workers Compensation

When you’re injured on the job, you may qualify for workers compensation. Even the most intelligent, conscientious workers may qualify for workers compensation and not realize it. As experienced workers compensation attorneys and lawyers in Los Angeles, we can help you to get the maximum amount of compensation that you deserve. For many years, injured workers from all different aspects of life have trusted us to get them their due compensation. At Meliora Law Firm, our aggressive and experienced advocacy places our clients first, so that they can receive their workers compensation and ultimately move on with their lives.

Our Workers Compensation

Should you be injured doing your job, you deserve workers compensation. That can be very difficult for people to grasp. Many of us feel like if our work injury were somehow our fault, and that we do not deserve to receive compensation. However, that’s not true. If you were injured in the course of your job, then you are entitled workers compensation. At Meliora Law Firm, we’ve assisted many clients just like you on the pay to all of their workers compensation.

Compensation that our Clients Receive

At work injuries can lead to quite a few expenses. Even those of us who save money diligently may not be able to pay for these bills. That’s where workers compensation comes in. We can help you to get workers compensation to pay for all of your medical treatment. To be clear, that includes each aspect of medical treatment: any trips to the doctor, hospital stays, physical therapy, tests, medicine, rehab, surgery or even some forms of counseling. You didn’t choose to be injured on the job, so you shouldn’t have to pay for the resulting medical bills.

Beyond the medical bills, we can also help our clients to receive compensation in the form of disability benefits, depending on their case. Some may find that they need disability benefits that only last for a brief, temporary period of time. These benefits can include “lost wages.” That money makes up for the money you miss while you aren’t at work. Instead of simply having to lose the money, we can help you to receive the money you would have made.

workers compensation

In some cases, our clients are unable to return to their jobs in the same capacity or position that they were prior to the injury. If that’s the case, we can pursue “modified work” or something similar. This allows the client to return to work, just doing a different job than the one they did previously. Perhaps the job is something similar, or enables the client to utilize skill sets that are unrelated to their injury. Alternately, some of our clients who are not able to return to their same job are retrained for a new position, at no personal cost.  Many of our clients that have received this compensation have gone on to lead healthy, happy lives.

Unfortunately, some of our clients are unable to return to work period. In this circumstance, we can help them to receive permanent disability benefits. These benefits can help with any residual symptoms or limitations that they may be experiencing. These benefits can include the wages they lost by being unable to work as well as wages they would have expected to receive in the future, had they been able to continue their jobs. We can refer you to a medical professional that make the proper determination for your needs.

Workers Compensation Injuries

Over the years, we’ve helped clients who have suffered all different sorts of injuries at work to receive the compensation they deserve. One reminder: if you feel any pain whatsoever at work, let your supervisor know. It’s always best to be careful. Too often, someone receives an injury at work but brushes it off. It’s natural and laudable to want to “tough it out,” but a minor ache, left untreated, can become a devastating injury. Always let someone know when you’re hurt at work, even slightly.

Many of our clients have suffered what are called “repetitive stress” or “cumulative trauma” injuries. These injuries may seem like they occur at once, but they actually build up over time. When you work long hours, performing the same physical gestures or tasks over and over again, it can lead to eventual injury. Perhaps the most common example of these injuries is carpal tunnel syndrome. Administrative workers of all kinds spend hours typing, their wrists higher than their fingers, and over the years, it adds up. Eventually, their wrists, fingers and more all hurt very badly, to the point where they cannot do their jobs. We help them to receive compensation for medical treatment, rehab, lost wages and more.

Back injuries are an all too common occurrence. These can happen in all different kinds of work places. The factory worker who has to lift and carry heavy objects for more than eight hours a day is likely to have a back injury, as is the administrative worker who hunches over their computer all day, typing and researching. Back injuries can be particularly devastating, as they can make it difficult to do so much more than just your job. We’ve helped so many to receive the compensation they deserve for their back injuries, so that they can return to the jobs and their lives healed.

Some of the most difficult cases that we have extensive experience with are wrongful death and fatal workplace cases. No amount of compensation makes up for the loss of a loved one. When someone you care about passes away at work, the wound never truly heals. However, your loved one would want you to receive as much compensation as possible for their medical bills, lost wages, and more. While that money is no substitute for the presence of someone special in your life, it can help, both in the aftermath as well as moving forward.

Why Meliora Law Firm

In many of these cases, the “other side” will consist of an insurance company. Here at Meliora Law Firm, we know all about the insurance companies and their tactics. Yes, we’ve taken on insurance companies for years and won. However, most of our experience comes from the fact that we have former insurance company attorneys at our firm. That means that we know firsthand what the insurance company does, as well as why.

This is an enormous advantage for our clients. Attorneys and representatives of insurance companies count on the naiveté of those who oppose them. Indeed, a large part of their model is built around that. With our experience, we’re able to stay one step ahead of them. Combined with our vast resources, we can go against insurance companies on equal footing. Many firms say they’ll “fight for their clients,” but few have the experience and resources to adequately do so. We can.

Unique among law firms in this field, we treat our clients as people. That may not sound like something unique, but unfortunately, it is. We love meeting new people and treating them with the respect they deserve. As a boutique law firm, we know what it means to fight for the people you care about.

At every step of the workers compensation way, we’ll be right there by your side. From the moment you file the initial report, through negotiations, to the courtroom if necessary – Meliora Law Firm is solely focused on making sure that you get everything that you deserve. We understand that it’s not always easy to reach out to a law firm after you’ve been hurt. That’s why we try to make the process as simple as possible. Call us at (877) 724-0515 for a free consultation. We look forward to sitting down with you and seeing how we can help.